fter growing up in the heart of the Bible belt, singing in the church choir, getting a degree in (what else) agriculture, Marc Raymond left the farmlands for…Chippendales? On a college dare Marc auditioned to be a dancer, and this handsome farm boy spent the next 2.5 years touring all of Europe with the Chippendales troupe. After returning to the U.S. and hanging up his G-string, a love of skiing and the outdoors brought Marc to the little ski town of Park City, Utah. While opening three successful spas in the upscale resort community, Marc continued acting, singing and dancing in Park City theatre productions, emceeing charity events and appearing in local commercials. He also began to be a favorite of indie film directors shooting in Utah, hoping to get their films to Robert Redford and the Sundance Film Festival. With his movie star good looks it wasn’t long until Hollywood came calling and Marc found himself working with Lauren Holly and Greg Germann in “Down and Derby”, based on the famous annual Boy Scouts of America Pinewood Derby.

It was great to have gorgeous Hunter Tylo playing my wife, and to work on a production that actually had a full budget and craft services.

With his film and TV work, acting, singing (Marc is a stage trained Baritone), dancing ability and movie star good looks, Marc went off to Hollywood. But he hopes to be returning to Park City next year because, as he says “Surely one of those indies I did will make it to Sundance!”

IMDb mini biography by P. Gerber

Words from Marc


have an amazing work ethic and put 100% into any character that I portray. I continuously hone my acting skills by taking classes at Upright Citizens Brigade, Beverly Hills Playhouse, and Rossi-Snyder Theatre Labs.